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New Construction Blower Door Tests in Maryland

Constructing a new home in Maryland?

Ensure it meets the highest standards of energy efficiency with BaySun Home Services' New Construction Blower Door Tests.



Why Blower Door Tests Matter for New Builds

In the dynamic landscape of Maryland building codes, meeting energy efficiency requirements is crucial.


Our blower door tests for new construction provide a comprehensive evaluation of your project's airtightness, ensuring compliance with local regulations.


This not only fosters regulatory compliance but also sets the foundation for long-term energy savings.

Understanding Maryland Building Codes

Maryland's building codes demand precision in energy efficiency. Our experienced team is well-versed in the specifics of these codes, guiding you through the process to meet and exceed the requirements. We take the complexity out of compliance, offering clarity and expertise to navigate the regulatory landscape effortlessly.

Schedule your blower door test with BaySun Home Services today. Our rates are transparent, our service is top-notch, and your project's success is our priority.


Air Change Per Hour (ACH) Requirement

We understand the importance of achieving the right Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) in your new construction. Our blower door tests precisely measure ACH, providing valuable insights to enhance the overall energy performance of your build. Meeting ACH requirements not only ensures regulatory adherence but also contributes to creating a healthier and more comfortable living space.


Trusted Blower Door Tests for New Construction

Our partnerships, certifications, and licenses ensure home energy expertise and trust.


Why Invest in Blower Door Test 


Backed by years of experience in the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to your new construction project.



We ensure your project aligns seamlessly with Maryland building codes, making the certification process smooth and hassle-free.


Precision: Our blower door tests are conducted with precision, providing accurate ACH measurements to optimize your home's energy efficiency.


3 Simple Steps

To Blower Door for New Construction

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Schedule Your Test

Our experienced technicians arrive at your construction site with the necessary equipment. A special fan is mounted in an exterior doorway, and all other exterior openings are temporarily sealed. Interior doors are typically left open to ensure an accurate representation of airflow.


Testing Procedure

The blower door fan is turned on, creating a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the building. As air is pulled out of the building, the technician uses specialized tools to measure the rate of airflow, identifying areas of potential air leakage. Readings are taken at various pressure levels to provide a comprehensive assessment of the building's airtightness.


Analysis & Recommendations

The data collected during the test is analyzed to determine the Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) for the building. The results help identify specific areas of air leakage, guiding recommendations for improvements to enhance energy efficiency. Based on the findings, our team provides you with a detailed report outlining potential upgrades and sealing measures to optimize the building's overall performance.

BaySun Reviews

Contractors Love working with BaySun

Freddie at BaySun is the best.  Highly recommend.  He educated us on the home energy efficiency process from start to finish.  Most importantly he worked with us to understand the data and prioritize areas of improvement such as air sealing and insulation to reduce our energy costs.  

- Tom Myers 

Pasadena, MD
attic insulation maryland with BaySun


Why Choose BaySun As Your Maryland Blower Door


Over 10 Years of Experience

Specialty in HVAC, Duct Work and Insulation across several industries.

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Over 5,000 Audits

We value each client and always respond to feedback throughout our cooperation.


BGE Approved Contractor

Trusted base of vetted partners. We take very seriously who we do business with.

Schedule Your Blower Door Test Today 

Ready to elevate the energy efficiency of your new construction project? Schedule your blower door test with BaySun Home Services today. Our rates are transparent, our service is top-notch, and your project's success is our priority.

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