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Certified Energy Auditor Near Me

Save Hundreds Every Month On Your Energy Bills

BaySun provides energy efficiency services to lower your monthly bills and make your home more comfortable

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As Energy Auditors,
We Understand Homes.

As your trusted local certified energy auditor, BaySun Home Services is more than just a service provider - we're your partner in creating a more comfortable, reliable, and energy-efficient home.

Based right here in Maryland, we bring years of expertise and a friendly, helping hand to the complicated world of home energy.

At BaySun, we take the guesswork out of home energy upgrades. Our comprehensive home energy consultations provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your home's efficiency.


From identifying leaks and inefficiencies to advising on the best insulation for your attic, we've got you covered.

Schedule a Free Home Energy Consultation! 


We'll do a visual assessment of your home, and be fully transparent in how we advise you on your best path to lower bills and a more comfortable home.

Home Energy Services


Our Home Energy Services

Home Energy Services Audits

Energy Audits

Discover the untapped potential of your home. Our certified home energy auditor performs a comprehensive analysis to identify inefficiencies and provides actionable recommendations to improve your home's energy usage, comfort, and safety.

Home Energy Services HVAC


Upgrade to comfort with our top-notch HVAC services. From system evaluation to installation, our HVAC experts in Maryland ensure you have the most efficient heating and cooling solutions for maximum comfort year-round.

Home Energy Services Insulation


Keep your home comfortable in every season. Our insulation services reduce heat transfer, lowers energy costs, and creates a more consistent indoor environment. From basement to attic insulation, we help your home stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Home Energy Services Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Breathe easier with our professional air duct cleaning services. We help improve indoor air quality, increase HVAC system efficiency, and reduce potential allergens by eliminating dust, debris, and contaminants from your ductwork.

Home Energy Services Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing

Make every breath count with our Aeroseal duct sealing service. This innovative solution minimizes air loss, increases HVAC efficiency, improves air quality, and creates a more comfortable environment.

Home Energy Services Consulting


Navigate the path to energy efficiency with confidence. Our consulting services provide expert advice on the best energy-saving solutions for your home. Get support from assessment to implementation and beyond.


Trusted Home Energy Services and Energy Audits

Our partnerships, certifications, and licenses ensure home energy expertise and trust.



Reviews From Our Home Energy Service Customers

October 28, 2021

Freddie at BaySun is the best.  Highly recommend.

Most importantly he worked with us to understand the data and prioritize areas of improvement such as air sealing and insulation to reduce our energy costs.

Tom Meyers

Pasadena, MD


4 Simple Steps to Energy Savings at Home

When you choose BaySun, you're choosing a company committed to clear communication, expert advice, and hassle-free services. We'll guide you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final installation -- plus followup support and advice to keep your home running efficiently.


Why Work With An Energy Auditor

A home energy audit is an insightful journey into the heart of your home's energy usage, identifying the best improvements you can make. 

Here's how you stand to benefit most from working with an energy auditor:

Energy Auditor Benefits 1

Save on Energy Costs

Discover where your home is losing energy. By making the recommended improvements, you'll see significant reductions on your utility bills over time.

Energy Auditor Benefits 2

Improve Health & Safety

An energy audit can unveil potential safety risks like carbon monoxide leaks, mold from poor ventilation, and fire hazards from poorly insulated lighting fixtures or old wiring. Protect your family by addressing these issues.

Energy Auditor Benefits 3

Boost Your Home's Value

Make your property even more attractive on the real estate market. By increasing your home's energy efficiency, you're also increasing its potential resale value.

Energy Auditor Benefits 4

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Tired of drafts, uneven temperatures, or humidity issues? An energy audit will pinpoint the sources of these discomforts so you can resolve them.

Energy Auditor Benefits 5

Plan Smart Home Improvements

An energy audit can unveil potential safety risks like carbon monoxide leaks, mold from poor ventilation, and fire hazards from poorly insulated lighting fixtures or old wiring. Protect your family by addressing these issues.

Energy Auditor Benefits 6

Take Advantage of Rebates & Incentives

Many utility companies and governments offer incentives for energy audits and subsequent improvements. You could be eligible for rebates that make the process even more worthwhile.

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Get a Free Home Performance Consultation!

Ready to make your home more energy-efficient?


Your journey starts with a free home energy consultation. We'll perform a visual inspection of your home, identify areas for improvement, and recommend the most effective solutions.

Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and cost-effective home with BaySun, your local energy auditor.

Home Performance Consultation

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

Home Energy Auditor


Trusted Professional Energy Auditors

Common Issues

Uncomfortable Floors & Rooms

High Energy Bills

Hot and Cold Walls & Floors 


Duct Sweating/Condensation

Poor Duct Flow

Poor Ventilation

How to Fix Them!

Attic Retrofits & Encapsulations

Home Air Sealing

Duct Modifications & Sealing

HVAC Replacement/Conversion

Crawlspace retrofits and encapsulations

Wall & Floor Insulation

Mechanical Ventilation

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